The SATS silent avalanche triggering system consists of a triggering plate and a supply unit for monitoring, power and control. The lifting plate is anchored to ground with a mounting frame. The lifting unit is positioned on top of the frame and the plate is hung on hinges on the lifting unit. A hydraulic pole kicks the 4 m x 2 m plate up from the ground with 16 tons of force in splitseconds. Since the plate is mounted flat on the ground the actuation shatters the snowpack from bottom to top. Steel ropes on both sides of the plate enlarge the impact area and allow to adapt to the features of the terrain. After the actuation the plate is pulled back into flat position and ready to trigger again.

The construction is designed to provide maximum strength and reliability while being easy to install and maintain. The triggering is controlled and monitored via the SATS control panel and a videoclip of every actuation is saved automatically.

Every actuation is residue free, silent, safe and reliable.